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ITCS Seminar (2020 Academic Year)

The Development of Anatolian Dome Structure

Date: March 12 (Friday), 2021, 13:30~16:00

Venue: Online

Lecturers: Dr. Masashi Morita (Associate Professor, Yokohama National University)

Seminar poster

The seminar of the Institute of Turkish Culture Studies of the 2020 academic year was held online on Friday, March 12, 2021. This time, we invited Dr. Masashi Morita, Associate Professor, Division of Urban Innovation, Faculty of Urban Innovation, Yokohama National University, to give a lecture titled “The Development of Anatolian Dome Structure.”

The first part of the lecture discussed dome structures in pre-Islamic Anatolia. As characteristics from ancient times to the pre-Christian era, he introduced examples of domes placed on a flat surface and pendentives and squinches that permit the placing of a dome over a rectangular room. Next, as a development under the Christian culture, he discussed Byzantine and Armenian architecture domes.

The second part of the lecture focused on domes in Anatolia under Islamic culture. He explained the dome structures of tomb architecture, which he has been working on for nearly 20 years. He also discussed the types, ages, and regional characteristics of dome structures with triangular flat surfaces, which are unique to Turkey, in detail. At the end of the lecture, he gave a brief overview of the dome structure in mosque architecture, which he is currently studying.

During the subsequent question and answer session, we had an active discussion. This lecture provided an invaluable opportunity to gain an overall understanding of the characteristics of the Anatolian dome.